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Research papers

Gaining marketing-relevant knowledge from social media photos

The flood of photos on social media is overwhelming. Every single day, Facebook users upload an average of 351 million images. These snapshots not only provide insights into the users' lives, but also reflects their attitudes and experiences with...

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW
Authors: Raimund Wildner, Carolin Kaiser
Company: GfK
September 22, 2016

Research papers

How to measure user experience

Usability is no longer enough to explain the value of interaction with technical systems. An efficient, effective and satisfactory attainment of targets is no longer sufficient to explain why certain technical systems are used, purchased and desired...

Catalogue: Digital Dimensions 2014: (Online + Big Data + Social Media + Mobile) Research
Authors: Raimund Wildner, Tim Bosenick
Company: GfK
June 17, 2014

Research papers

Measuring emotions

Emotions are undoubtedly essential in marketing designed to build a strong relationship to the customers. Emotions cannot be effectively managed if they cannot be measured. Therefore, a valid measurement of emotions is of extreme importance for...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2010: Eyes on Asia
Authors: Laena Liu, Raimund Wildner
Company: GfK
April 20, 2010

Research papers

Free content VS. quality?

Publishing high-quality information on the Internet is expensive. The lingering economic difficulties of considerable parts of the Internet sector and the signs of weakness of the advertising industry have given new impetus to the search for new...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 5 2002
Authors: Folker Michaelsen, Raimund Wildner
Company: GfK
February 3, 2002

Research papers

The introduction of the Euro

The introduction of the Euro will create a single currency area with about the size and the economic power of the United States. Beginning 1 January 1999 the Euro is the sole currency for all eleven countries participating in the European Monetary...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1998: The Power Of Knowledge
Author: Raimund Wildner
Company: GfK
September 1, 1998

Research papers

Tv advertising effectiveness

The paper presents a study in which the short term effects of advertising on purchase behaviour were measured with single source data from a micro test market. The results show that real advertising effects are smaller than expected according to John...

Catalogue: Revolutions In Panel Research 1997: New Questions, New Solutions
Authors: Raimund Wildner, Klaus Kindelmann
Company: GfK
February 1, 1997

Research papers

Advertising quality and market share

The increase of the quality of advertising offers an important possiblity to improve the success of a brand without costs being automatically increased. Pretest measures for commercials as e.g. the AD*VANTAGE test system are thus intensively used by...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/EMAC/AFM Symposium 1993: Information Based Decision Making In Marketing
Authors: Claudia Schmies, Raimund Wildner
Company: GfK
June 15, 1993

Research papers

Application of models to improve sales prognoses

The present contribution introduces a prognosis model developed by GfK Testmarktforschung especially for data out of micro test markets. This model allows the explicit consideration of measures of the marketing mix. This permits: 1. A prognosis even...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: New Methodologies In Test Marketing
Author: Raimund Wildner
Company: GfK
June 15, 1988