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Research papers

Inspirational customers dialogues

The annual catalogue is IKEA's main communication channel with existing and potential customers globally. This case study demonstrates how the 2013 edition of the catalogue was evaluated through MROCs in five different countries. The presentation...

Catalogue: 3D Digital Dimensions 2013: (Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research
Authors: Frédéric Gennart, Pieter De Vuyst, Frank Naessens, Tom De Ruyck
Company: InSites Consulting
June 23, 2013

Research papers

Always on research

In a research world where questionnaires of more than 20 minutes are considered to be 'not done' and consumers are increasingly less inclined to participate in research projects, it is almost a paradox that one would think about long-term dialogues...

Catalogue: CEE Research Forum 2013: Research Remix
Author: Anouk Willems
Company: InSites Consulting
March 17, 2013

Research papers

The power is in the mix

Recent insight generation work we conducted in our own industry has demonstrated that survey research needs to change drastically. We need to become more agile, smarter and more in line with today's marketing standards, as well as better follow the...

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW
Authors: Annelies Verhaeghe, Katia Pallini, Angie Deceuninck, Bianca Vucescu
Company: InSites Consulting
September 22, 2016

Research papers

Me, myself and I

The question 'who am I?' is especially pertinent during adolescence. MTV Networks wants to understand identity construction among youngsters aged between 13-17 in a changing media landscape. The rise of social networks and other new internet...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2008: Consumer Choice
Authors: Joeri Van den Bergh, Veerle Colin, Annelies Verhaeghe
Companies: InSites Consulting, Viacom International Media Networks
November 20, 2008

Research papers

The court case for research

Technological developments are creating new playgrounds for research automation. Evolutions in big data allow us to process massive amounts of data at an unforeseen speed, and the human brain is being surpassed by the rise of smart machine learning...

Catalogue: Congress 2017: Visionary
Authors: Katia Pallini, Annelies Verhaeghe
Company: InSites Consulting
September 4, 2017

Research papers

We have seen the future...

Bots are taking over moderation and analysis, snappy chat conversations are the new preferred communication mode by consumers and research will happen in the consumer context. Join us in journey together with Heineken and get a glimpse on the future.

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2017: Back to the future
Authors: Annelies Verhaeghe, Remus Tomoiaga, Marlon Rinoza Plazo, Sophie Van Neck
Company: InSites Consulting
October 23, 2017

Research papers

A new approach for measuring 'buzz'

With the growth of the internet, a new dimension was added to Word of mouth, namely word of mouse. This paper introduces a new model that can serve as a framework for marketers, advertisers and market researchers for better understanding online word...

Catalogue: WM3 2007
Authors: Dennis Claus, Steven van Belleghem, Christophe Vergult, Niels Schillewaert
Company: InSites Consulting
June 3, 2007

Research papers

Beyond benchmarking

How can scores from a concept tested in Germany be reliably compared with those from the same concept tested in China? Measured and true concept scores can widely vary between countries due to e.g. cultural response behavior, response styles, time...

Catalogue: Innovate 2008
Authors: Filip De Boeck, Kristof De Wulf, Annelies Verhaeghe
Company: InSites Consulting
June 16, 2008

Research papers

Crowd interpretation

Research is becoming increasingly a commodity. We see a trend towards DIY research on the client side. Researchers are no longer in the business of data collection or analysis only. The researcher of the future needs to be an insight generator and...

Catalogue: Congress 2011: Impact
Authors: Peter Claes, Gigi Ilustre, Niels Schillewaert, Annelies Verhaeghe
Company: InSites Consulting
September 18, 2011