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Research World (September 2000)

Before it is considered to be strong, a brand has been through quite a lot. The process from conception to full maturity may take years, and it must be developed and monitored carefully. The Internet would seem to be diametrically opposed to the...

Catalogue: Research World 2000
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
September 1, 2000

Research papers

The Karma of give & take

Powerful forces of culture can impact the adoption of the modern notion of e-commerce. In India, myths that date back a thousand years still affect the psyche in relation to e-commerce. It would be misleading to assume that the trajectory of...

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2015: Creative! Collaborative! Cool!
Authors: Raji Bonala, Abhijit Patnaik, Misha Mathew
November 18, 2015


What's in a name? Why Behaviorally? Why Now?

Shoppers were embracing digital retail prior to the pandemic, and COVID simply accelerated these changes. Now, the market research industry needs to evolve in light of the challenges for brands because of changes in consumer behavior. Alex Hunt, CEO...

Catalogue: Webinars 2021
Author: Alex Hunt
Company: Behaviorally
February 11, 2021


Searching for new equilibrium in a post-Covid world

Join Vandana as she addresses the 3 big shifts that will impact your brand playbook:- Digital as the gateway to the future, playing a larger role in consumers becoming self-reliant;- The new storefront - Traditional commerce now moving online;-...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Author: Vandana Chamaria
Company: Google
November 2, 2020


Cracking the e-shopper code

Consumer and media landscape in the UAE is changing like never before and technology is paving the way for this smart evolution. Today, consumers are more connected and they experience brands and products from a completely different perspective with...

Catalogue: MENAP Forum 2015: Leading Transformation
Authors: Fahad Ali, Ravi Shekar
June 15, 2015


Shifting customer engagement in the multichannel retail era

Consumers are making significant changes in the way they shop for groceries with important implications for brands and retailers. In grocery retail, across the globe, many brands now see one-fifth to almost half their sales from online purchases. Not...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2017: Discoveries
Author: Teeradet Dumrongbhalasitr
December 4, 2017


Revue Française du Marketing 2002 (N. 188)

Le regard que nous portons sur les activités de service a beaucoup évolué et les différentes interprétations liées à la notion mêmede service expliquent en partie que les universitairescomme les praticiens rencontrent des...

Catalogue: ADETEM: Revue Française du Marketing
Author: ADETEM
Company: ADETEM
April 10, 2002

Research papers

Power buyers or cautious shoppers?

This paper describes the result of a segmentation analysis of attitudes towards electronic commerce. A random sample of Internet users in the United States formed five distinct segments with varying beliefs concerning the usefulness security and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 1999
Author: Andrew Elder
June 15, 1999

Research papers

The impact of the Internet on the selling and distribution of cars

There is currently unprecedented attention being focussed on car retailing and distribution. The speed of growth of the Internet retailing phenomenon has caught most traditional retailers “napping” and in the main they have been forced out...

Catalogue: New Monograph Series Vol.10: Marketing Research in a .com Environment
Author: David Jamieson
June 15, 2000