Insights 2020 (Spanish)

Date of publication: June 15, 2016

Company: Kantar


Millward Brown Vermeer, ESOMAR, The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), Kantar, and Korn Ferry have formed a partnership to lead Insights2020 Driving Customer-Centric Growth, a global marketing thought leadership initiative focused on aligning insights and analytics strategy, structure and capability to drive business growth. Based on more than 325 in-depth interviews with senior marketing and insights leaders and 10,000+ interviews with practitioners across 60 markets, the Insights2020 initiative examines the drivers of customer-centricity and how being a customer-focused company impacts business performance. The research team analyzed over-performing and under-performing companies in terms of revenue growth to understand what over-performing organizations are doing differently to drive success. Insights2020 helps business, marketing, and insights & analytics leaders to define the role of insights and analytics in driving business strategy and growth; to build and organize the function – in terms of structure and processes – for success; and to emulate the leadership competencies and behaviors of over-performing organizations. Insights2020 is a follow-on study to Marketing2020 which is the largest study of its kind, helping global CMOs align marketing strategy, structure, and capability with business growth. Marketing2020 included contributions from more than 250 CMOs and 10,000 marketers across 92 countries and was featured in the July-August 2014 Harvard Business Review.

Fernando Alvarez Kuri


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