Distribution surveys about food-stuffs

Date of publication: June 15, 1964


Author: Philippe Baur


During the last ten years, the use of method sf sampling surveys has seen a marked development in more and more various branches: - General socio-economical surveys; - Consumer behaviour surveys; - Public opinion surveys; - Product tests; - Customers or specific market researches; - Advertising media audience; - Control of the effectiveness of advertising campaign. However, the sampling survey can be used also for distribution studies; for this reason, we intend to describe here a practical example of sampling survey that Sofres had to carry out this year in this branch. I shall describe: 1. briefly, the kind of information we were looking for; 2. more in detail, the technical conditions under which we have conducted the survey, and especially the problems of methodology we had to solve (particularly those concerning sample design); 3. At last, the possibilities of extending this method to other sampling problems, should they concern distribution studies or other ones.

Philippe Baur


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