The use of the semantic differential in media research

Date of publication: June 15, 1962


This paper has two objects. One of these is to present some examples of research based on the semantic differential technique. The other is to make some general observations about the use of the technique, based on our own experience. The semantic differential has already been quite widely used in market research, but we believe that our use of it in media research has some novelty. At. the same time, we think that our conclusions about the use of the technique may apply in other branches of consumer, and possibly retailer, research. The paper starts with a description of the semantic differential technique. We then present two case studies of the use of the semantic differential in media research. In presenting these case studies we outline the research problems involved, describe briefly the research design, and give some indications of the findings. After this, we discuss methods of analysis and briefly review some technical problems. The paper ends with a summary of our research methods and some concluding remarks.

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