Monetising NPS to drive investments in CX

Date of publication: October 19, 2020


The volatility of the airline business, navigating oil prices, the environment, exchange rates, etc.makes CX investment decisions very challenging. Monetising NPS and creating a calculator to identify economic return enabled us to gain buy-in for US$4 million of CX improvements only a few weeks after implementation (such as more comfortable seating, tastier flight meals or more engaging in-flight entertainment). A series of interviews with key stakeholders helped create engagement with the project, and identified needs and challenges. The business needed a single framework that was consistent, simple and accurate. By using a Voice of the Customer data collection programme, integrating data from multiple sources and analysing the data from multiple perspectives, we were able to link flight touch-points to NPS which, in turn, linked to customer churn and revenue. Teams now use an interactive calculator to identify the return to the business by inputting target segments, market conditions and expected change in touch-point performance. This attaches a monetary return to CX and teams quickly secured investment of US$4 million.

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