Future perspectives in the field of consumer research

Company: Unilever

Author: Hans Khuner


The prospects in consumer research over the next few years are likely to be governed primarily by the changing and developing needs of industry. These needs in turn are largely determined by major economic and social trends, such as increasingly active competition, the increasing tempo of marketing, the closer economic contacts in the Western world and increasing populations and living standards. Industry will look more and more to consumer research for still better help and guidance, not only in coping with its day-to-day marketing problems, but also in giving direction to long-term plans in such fields as capital investment and technical research. It may be helpful to look at this situation from the viewpoint of the user of consumer research, particularly of companies manufacturing and marketing mass market, non-durable and branded consumer goods. In this paper it is proposed to discuss some of the main problem areas where industry hopes and expects to get still more effective help from consumer research during the next few years, which will assist commercial judgement and reduce business risks. The direction which this help is already taking can be illustrated by reference to the papers which will constitute the balance of this session.

Hans Khuner


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