International travel research

Author: L. J. Lickorish


Tourism as' an industry might be better described as the business of personal communication or of mobility and leisure time activities away from homo. For travel is a function of developments in transport, rising standards of living and increased leisure time. The first period of Industrial evolution, in the nineteenth century produced, with the railways, the first large scale development of a tourist industry. The present time is a period of expansion even more far reaching. A second technical revolution, increasing wealth, and the growth of two new forms of transport, the private car and the airplane, are creating fundamental changes. This industry, in its widest conception, representing a complex of consumer goods and services can come to dominate developed economies. If this point is reached the effect of fashion, quickly changing habits, and thus demand, may create fluctuations in business greater and more difficult to solve than those of the old trade cycle, a phenomenon of economies dominated by capital and not consumer goods industries.

L. J. Lickorish


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