Forecasting in consumer research (French)


Everybody who is engaged in providing goods or services wants to act upon the American saying, "Buy today the newspaper of tomorrow". For this purpose he turns to the market researcher. If no clear answers can be found for the basic questions, he wishes hypotheses to be set up and carried through. By this means, as soon as a future trend takes a more or less definite shape, the interested party expects to be in a position, in company with his market researcher, to open the right drawer to take out the appropriate master plan prepared in advance, and to apply it. In this way, market research will satisfy its most important requirement: that it should help the industrialist or the businessman to supplement the somewhat primitive application of his instinct and accumulated experience through refined techniques and the results they produce. It is to be hoped that market research will tell us how to go about in harmony with the markets of the world of tomorrow.

Charles Schlaepfer


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