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Integrated pricing strategy

How holistic is your approach to making decisions on the most important marketing lever?

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Author: Arvind Sainath
Company: Diageo
November 3, 2020



How to adapt product testing to new realities

Gaining a new perspective on how new technology and consumer reality is changing the requirements for product development.

Catalogue: Latin America 2020 - Insights Festival
Author: Nikolai Reynolds
Companies: IPSOS, PepsiCo
October 19, 2020


Brands Connect: Is food a trend, a culture or a need?

Debuted at the ESOMAR Insights Festival 2020, our Brands Connect series continues with its next episode exploring with insights leaders working within brands and research using organizations the opportunities and challenges they see for their...

Catalogue: Brands Connect Series
Authors: Begonia Fafian, Luca Gentile
Companies: The Coca-Cola Company , Pastificio Rana
October 14, 2020


The consumer matrix: How to save the humans

We want to quantify and categorize people, we try to create algorithms to predict unpredictable human lives and shove people into focus groups with two way mirrors, feed them crap snacks and hope to understand how they live their lives and how our...

Catalogue: Insights Festival 2020
Author: Gabriela McCoy
Company: Bacardi
September 17, 2020


Focus group fails: How to save the humans (and the brands)

F*ck Focus Groups: The case for human first fearless research.3 takeaways:- It's easy to default and focus on what matters to the business. It's braver - and smarter - to put humans at the heart of everything we do. Let's begin with our humans and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR TV: Client Summit 2020 at Home
Author: Gabriela McCoy
Company: Bacardi
June 18, 2020


Insights informing content & creative

Open to suggestions on how to make this most effective but would primarily focus on how we use research and insights to better inform our content creation. I would heavily focus on our media/lifestyle brand called Tasty (food andcooking brand) and...

Catalogue: Client Summit 2019- Spring Edition
Author: Jackie Lundblad
June 27, 2019


Are you listening? (Spanish)

With Givaudan, a company always at the forefront of consumer insights of the flavours and fragrances industries, we jointly carried out a qualitative and quantitative exploration on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to understand RTD and beer...

Catalogue: Latin America 2019
Authors: Damián Suárez, Sebastián Silva
Company: Mega Research
April 9, 2019


Reimagine innovation

A new people-centric approach combined with LIVE development of innovation allowed teams to come up with some disruptive innovations for Danone Waters (plain water & Aquadrinks) across key markets (Mexico, China, Indonesia, etc.).

Catalogue: Congress 2018
Author: Dieter Deceuninck
Company: Danone
September 23, 2018