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Research papers

Can machines be emotional?

We know emotions play an important role in consumer decision making but how do we access them at scale? SKIM and J&J teamed up to investigate!

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Authors: Marcel Slavenburg, Judith Suttrup, Samantha Bond
Company: SKIM
November 10, 2019

Research papers

The hunt for an "authentic" coffee experience

Although consumers are quite particular when it comes to choosing coffee, understanding the criteria they base their choices on - particularly what causes them to consider coffee 'authentic' - can be difficult. Spurred by the convenience store...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2017: Discoveries
Authors: Junichi Ichiba, Humphrey Chen, Yuki Tanaka
May 9, 2017

Research reports

Attitudinal research into car ownership

Gee Advertising proposes to undertake a local advertising campaign in the North West for Williams Motors Ltd. to promote the sales of Opel cars. This research isintended to generate such information to assist in the preparation of an effective...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
June 1, 1970

Research reports

Qualitative research on soft furniture for Gee Advertising Ltd.

This research was designed to investigate consumer attitudes and buying behaviour vis a vis soft furniture, and particularly to investigate consumer reactions to, and expectations of the concept of, foam furniture. More specifically, the objectives...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
June 1, 1971

Research reports

Qualitative research on selection boxes

The major objective of the research reported here was to ascertain the main factors affectingconsumers choice of one selection pack rather than another producing guideline - to producingpacks which will sell better.Specific objectives of the research...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
February 19, 1973

Research papers

Is shopping cultured?

What goes through your mind when you make a shopping decision? What do you think about? How do you decide? How does this vary when you buy different things? How do different people think? This is the question that Lightspeed and Netquest explored and...

Catalogue: Latin America 2017: #IN
Authors: Alexander Wheatley, Jon Puleston, Joaquim Bretcha
Companies: Netquest, Kantar
June 15, 2017


Is it possible to predict human decision-making?

Using qual and quant to understand why consumers really make decisions, not why you think they do.

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Author: Nina Kanin
Company: Streetbees
November 10, 2019


Revue Française du Marketing (Mars 2009)

Les quatre communications de ce numéro, composé d'articles variés, présentent unthème commun, l'essai d'explication du comportement du consommateur à partir de ce que les diverses sciences humaines nous proposent.Un des principaux...

Catalogue: ADETEM: Revue Française du Marketing
Author: ADETEM
Company: ADETEM
March 1, 2009

Research papers

Reflections on the possibilities of image research in the area of tourism

Somewhere in the decision-making process, however, people will, each year, have to make a choice between a variety of offers that probably surpasses the range of choices presented to the consumer in any other field. How does he orientate himself and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1967: Travel and Tourism
Author: Hans Sittenfeld
June 15, 1967