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Research papers

Shaping the Future in Uncertain Times

COVID-19 threatened both human lives and the worldwide economy. The threat caused uncertainty and this was reflected in consumer habit adjustments?both in purchase and consumption?made by the population. With the lockdowns, sales of consumer goods...

Catalogue: Latin America 2023
Authors: Jorge Galvan, Elisa Romo de Vivar Villasana
Company: Danone
April 25, 2023

Research papers

Hello DIA! What do you think about my hypotheses?

This paper explores an idea of an AI-based digital voice assistant as a quick insight-retrieving tool for marketresearch professionals, who always require a reference to the pre-existing knowledge base, studies andresearch work to formulate their...

Catalogue: Congress 2022: 75th Anniversary
Author: Dharmendra Jain
Company: Kantar Kenya
September 23, 2022

Research papers

Algorythms for Glocal Effectiveness

Unlike love stories, where the plot initially unfolds in a joyful and colourful mood, this business case takes placein the middle of harsh pressing forces. The first of those is a challenge our industry has been debating forseveral years now:...

Catalogue: Congress 2022: 75th Anniversary
Authors: Begonia Fafian, Javier Quinones, Patricia Olivares
Companies: The Coca-Cola Company , Foster & Flow
September 23, 2022

Research papers

Bringing Fun and Excitement to the Serious Business

Working as an insight person and/or market researcher in the corporate sector can be quite challenging, and notat all trivial. It implies that researchers need to work with various members of internal cross-functional customersand external consumers,...

Catalogue: Creativity. Connections. Community.
Author: Olga Kornilova
July 15, 2022

Research papers

What the Metaverse Needs from Market Research

The marketplace for brands and services is shifting to the metaverse! Clients are falling over themselves, andothers, to grab a slice of it in parallel?or as an adjunct?to traditional marketing. The metaverse is just like anew market; consumers will...

Catalogue: Creativity. Connections. Community.
Authors: Con Menictas, Brian Fine
Companies: Quality Online Research, Strategic Precision
July 15, 2022

Research papers

Algorithms of Scent and Experience

We explore the role of machine learning, multi-source models and big data in market research and consumerunderstanding. We applied machine learning algorithms to two billion data points, and explored the relationshipsbetween aromas, motivations and...

Catalogue: Creativity. Connections. Community.
Authors: Alejandro Salgado-Montejo, Rodrigo Salgado, Carlos Payares, Jaime Gomez, Maria Jose Aza
July 15, 2022

Research papers

Research in the Metaverse

From computers to mobile devices, screens are embedded in our society and will continue to be oneof the lenses through which consumers engage with a large portion of their lives. When people talkabout the metaverse, they are generally referring to...

Catalogue: Dynamic. Diverse. Digital
Author: Michelle Niedziela
Company: HCD Research
June 20, 2022

Research papers

Seed audiences: 'From not knowing you to tapping into millions like you'

Today, consumers are bombarded with marketing communication, making it very difficult for brands to differentiate themselves. Digital-first companies can rely on a variety and richness of datasets which is not always matched by more traditional...

Catalogue: Insights Festival 2020
Authors: Abhinav Mohan, Mario Dughi, Souvik Roy, Utsav Mamoria
Companies: Unilever, InMobi
September 15, 2020

Research papers

Enabling digital transformation

Market research's digital transformation takes more than new data and tools, but also requires motivating and enabling people to work differently.

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Authors: Jeffrey Mercer, Marian Anderson
Company: Microsoft
November 10, 2019