Virtually happy

Date of publication: September 14, 2020

Company: Laughology


There is no doubt that technology has helped preserve some essential connections during the pandemic but these technologies can't replace aspects of social interactions such as impromptu watercooler chats and laughs and social touches. (the right kind of course -for example a pat on the shoulder, a shake of a hand and hugs) These small interactions impact positively on mood, innovation and productivity in a big way. If this way of working is going to be for the long-term we need to look at different ways to we can create happy cultures virtually.

In this opening keynote Stephanie Davies will introduce the five drivers of happiness in the workplace and how we can adapt these for our new digi-world.

With practical takeaways and laughs a long the way this session will introduce:

  • The five drivers of happiness based on research
  • How to create happy cultures virtually
  • Sustaining connections and informal meetings vital to happiness and engagement
  • Why the pandemic has introduced truly human leadership and the link to happiness

Stephanie Davies


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