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Research papers

Image research and the retailer

There is a tendency among market-researchers and market-research agencies, to standardise and to keep to current methods and techniques which have been found suitable in practice, with the result that a full adaptation to the problems posed does not...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1974: The Challenges Facing Marketing Research
Authors: N. G. H. Krans, C. Goud
September 1, 1974

Research papers

Corporate image research reviewed

Corporate image research, receiving increasing attention as companies see the need to assess the value of a good corporate reputation, is defined and put into perspective in the context of various "images" that inter-relate, including the product...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1971: From Experience To Inovation
Author: Robert M. Worcester
June 15, 1971

Research papers

Company image research as a basis for umbrella advertising

Company image research is generally thought of in connection with manufacturers of industrial products, air lines, banks and other institutions, and with objectives such as obtaining the attitude of the trade, investors and employees. Relatively...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1967
Author: Paul Howard Berent
August 1, 1967

Research papers

Performance: The "F word"

We are paralyzed by information and data. But what happens with emotions and how can it shape a research process and insight generation and understanding? We want to make audience FEEL how female representations have shaped female consumption over...

Catalogue: Latin America 2018: Market Intelligence Festival for Latin America
Authors: Mariela Mociulsky, Ximena Díaz Alarcón, Eugenia Tarzibachi
Company: Trendsity SRL
March 19, 2018

Research papers

Methods of brand image research

The second major application of brand, image study, to which the rest of this talk is devoted that of diagnosis of the brand situation in the market. Nobody is ever satisfied with their brand there is always room for improvement. What is the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference 1960
Author: N. J. Squirrell
June 15, 1960

Research papers

The personalisation of the institution in order to establish the images of the major British banks

This paper describes the experimental application to the identification of bank images of a technique previously used to differentiate between consumer goods such as lagers and perfumes where differences were subtle. The approach is based on the use...

Catalogue: EFMA/ESOMAR Seminar 1982: How Research Can Help Financial Organisations Communicate Internally And Externally
Author: John F. Swift
June 15, 1982

Research papers

Is the image concept of critical importance in modern market research?

This study deals with the question "Does a relationship exist between image and purchase behaviour (in certain product fields)" or more strictly speaking: "Can the image be used as a variable to forecast purchase behaviour?". The image is defined...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1967
Author: Andreas Winkler
August 1, 1967

Research papers

The natural grouping of banks

In this article 'Natural Grouping', a new technique for image and positioning research is introduced. The more conventional approaches to image research - the free format, the explicit and the implicit techniques - are briefly discussed. The...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: Research For Financial Services
Authors: Ton Kuylen, Theo M. M. Verhallen
June 15, 1988

Research papers

Public image surveys for assisting companies whose image policy is poorly adjusted to the environment

This paper will deal with these "maladjusted'' companies and methods of helping them to overcome their problems. v i In the first section we shall attempt to pinpoint the source of maladjustment inherent in company structures and in the mentality of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1964
Author: Alain de Vulpian
June 15, 1964