Retail image studies

Date of publication: June 15, 1987

Author: Dick Hage


The paper describes how retailers in the automotive business who are generally action oriented, overly concerned with prices charged and wanting to see real results in a short time frame can be made aware of their store image. Store image is here defined as the consumers' evaluation of all salient aspects of the store as individually perceived and weighted. An instrument used in 69 studies generating information for strategic decision making is described. An analysis of aggregated results is presented and interpreted as evidence that automotive retailers are in the business of services marketing. Where services marketing is defined as an interactive process in which the benefit is provided to the customer through that individual’s interaction with the physical environment and personnel provided by the retailer. The view is taken that an automotive retailer should lay emphasis on the human interface of his operation and on providing customer oriented after-sales services in order to achieve a successful store image.

Dick Hage


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