Performance: The "F word"

Date of publication: March 19, 2018


We are paralyzed by information and data. But what happens with emotions and how can it shape a research process and insight generation and understanding? We want to make audience FEEL how female representations have shaped female consumption over the years. Our challege was to approach such a broad subject and turn it into Brand opportunties for engagement and innovation. Today world is changing in other ways as well and competitors need to approach challenges in a more collaborative way. Therefore we gathered our clients and proposed an collaborative approach to such a compelling subjetct as female representations, chaging trends and branding inspiration and oportunities. Can competitors be allies in todays collaborative world? We tried it and the answer is YES! We designed a qualitative, ethnographic and quantitative approach to collaborative research and insight hunting, combining science and art, data with emotion and insights with practical examples to inspire brands to connect with women in a new way, so that the "F" Word is no longer a bad Word, but and empowered, multilayered and inspiring representation of women in today ?s world.

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