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Research World (March-April 2016)

Individuals’ habits and preferences as well as society in general have changed dramatically over the last decade. Mass migration, cultural differences and similarities are just some of the things that are affecting societies. What are the...

Catalogue: Research World 2016
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
April 15, 2016

Research papers

Making your brand pinteresting to youth

Data from a two-part national survey study will provide insight into how young adult users actually use Pinterest and help marketers determine strategy and teach companies to engage with young adults on Pinterest. The initial paper-and-pencil survey...

Catalogue: 3D Digital Dimensions 2013: (Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research
Authors: Caitlin Krulikowski, Jennifer Romano Bergstrom, Megan Fischer
June 23, 2013

Research papers

World of shoppers

At a macro level this paper establishes the relationship between 'Culture' and 'Shopping Behaviour'. The paper also identifies the unifying and differentiating themes which define and differentiate between the shopper segments across the globe. This...

Catalogue: Insights 2011: A New World Order In Shopper Marketing
Authors: Aruni Ghosh, Maneesh Kaushik
Companies: Nielsen, PepsiCo
March 1, 2011

Research papers

Latin American profile, demographics and socio economic strata

Aiming to enhance the knowledge of the region with enormous potential for development and surprising diversity, the presenters have prepared an overview on the demographic profile of Latin America. A set of basic indicators has been selected (based...

Catalogue: Latin America 2006
Authors: Manuel Barberena, Norah Schmeichel, Bárbara Corrales
Companies: GfK, Pearson S.A. de C.V.
October 20, 2006

Research papers

Media consumption and consumer purchasing

The focus of this paper is to extend the BIGresearch Media Consumption model, connecting three key components: experiential time, simultaneous media usage and media influence on purchase decision.The outcome is a media planning model demonstrating...

Catalogue: Worldwide Multi Media Measurement 2006
Authors: Don E. Schultz, Joseph J. Pilotta, Martin P. Block
June 4, 2006

Research papers

How ethnic media is researched in the UK

UK media and marketers have been slow to react the growing ethnic population in the UK. No representative measurement exists on any media currency and few advertisers address this audience and ethnic media exclusively.Whilst large scale qualitative...

Catalogue: Global Diversity 2006
Author: Denh Dip
May 8, 2006

Research papers

The Turkish elephant

The presenters will briefly introduce the external realities of Turkey today as dictated by recent history, economics and demographics. The most relevant sets of dichotomies that define the value-space for Turks' self-understanding will then be...

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2005
Authors: Mads Stenbjerre, Mahan Dogrusöz
Company: GfK
November 15, 2005

Research papers

Effects of frequent participation on panellists' responses

This paper addresses the impact of frequent responders on online panel research.Results from two studies are reported, comparing the demographics and survey responses of panel members who are frequent survey responders to those of less frequent...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Panel Research Conference 2005
Authors: Linda Piekarski, Terrence Coen, Jacqueline Lorch
Company: Research Now SSI
April 17, 2005

Research papers

U.F.O. (Understanding Fifties and Over)

This paper describes the research conducted by OMD UK Group into the 50+ market. The first phase of the research was carried out in the United Kingdom and is now being rolled out across Europe. Some of the early findings from Europe are included in...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference On Age 2005
Author: Jo Rigby
Company: OMD Group
January 30, 2005