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Research papers

Web 2.0 market research

This article will investigate new interactive forms of the Internet in terms of their advantages and disadvantages for market research.Based on the hypothesis that within a group of active Web 2.0 protagonists and residents of virtual worlds the...

Catalogue: Panel Research 2007
Authors: Harald Markut, Otto Hellwig
Company: respondi
October 28, 2007

Research papers

What market research can learn from Alexa & Siri

As researchers, providing us access to data from new sources like customer data platforms, voice control, and all corners of the internet could be considered the equivalent of sticking a kid in a candy store! But are we leveraging this? This paper...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2019
Authors: Young Ham, Jason Dodge, Rebecca Southern
Company: Kantar
May 22, 2019


Work remotely, not alone: How fast can you decentralise your knowledge?

Remote work has gone from cultural perk to the new reality. And while IT can quickly scale up tools like real-time video and chat, it's harder to implement new processes and tools for the asynchronous, spontaneous and agile work of teams usually...

Catalogue: Webinars 2020
Author: Thor Olof Philogène
Company: Stravito
May 12, 2020


Digital natives (Portuguese)

Millennials were born in an era where the internet was already part of their lives. They move fluidly and implicitly between multiple devices to stay constantly connected. Facebook commissioned a study from global research agency ComScore to...

Catalogue: Latin America 2015: Carnival of Insights
Authors: Gabriel Gontijo, Rads (Radheeka) Jayasundera
June 15, 2015


We have seen the future...

Bots are taking over moderation and analysis, snappy chat conversations are the new preferred communication mode by consumers and research will happen in the consumer context. Join us in journey together with Heineken and get a glimpse on the future.

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2017: Back to the future
Authors: Annelies Verhaeghe, Sophie Van Neck
Company: InSites Consulting
January 11, 2017


Digital detox

Join us in an exclusive and stimulating journey uncovering the new set of rules for modern etiquette in the digital era. More and more people in the world want to somehow limit the use of technology and understand the degree of their dependence on...

Catalogue: CEE Research Forum 2014: East Connection
Author: Alex Drozdovsky
June 15, 2013

Research papers

Web site evaluation and the language of web design

In recent years, since the advent of the Internet and Web-based communication, business operators have come face to face with a series of entirely new needs for knowledge. One such need is topical in the extreme: it concerns the design and evaluation...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2001: Marketing Transformation
Author: Giorgio Licastro
Company: GfK
September 23, 2001

Research papers

The new dialogue in the new world

This presentation will focus on a case study involving the use of a community platform on Facebook with youth, undertaken by Coca- Cola with tNS. Coca- Cola needed the youth to become partners in the decision-making process. But youth do not behave...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2012: Informing Strategic Decision Making And Action
Authors: Sandeep Dutta, Shilpa Jain, Shashank Khattar
Companies: The Coca-Cola Company , KANTAR TNS Malaysia
November 8, 2012

Research papers

How mobile is changing the sociology, psychology, and the entertainment/work environment

Mobile has emerged as the new mass distribution medium, supplanting traditional media -including the Internet- and is now the one device where consumers can access audio and video, while communicating via text, email, social media, and web browsing....

Catalogue: WM3 2010: Your Audience = Media Consumer + Generator
Authors: Ed Cohen, Paul Jacobs
October 21, 2010