The evolution of agile insights: How to scale in-house research programs to fuel rapid innovation and growth

Date of publication: February 16, 2021

Catalogue: Webinars 2021

Company: SurveyMonkey

Author: Priyanka Carr


The need for agile insights has accelerated and companies are investing in strategies that will help them evolve just as quickly as the world around them. This has meant bringing more research in-house, and implementing research technology and methods that deliver answers for the business faster.

In a Q&A-style conversation with SurveyMonkey's Market Research GM, Priyanka Carr, discover what lies ahead for market researchers in the coming year and how they can adapt to the changing environment.

Key learning objectives:

- How research & insights teams large and small can adopt agile research strategies

- What trends and technologies are enabling the shift to agile market research

- What this means for insights professionals, and what new skills will be necessary to be successful in the research field in 5 years.

Priyanka Carr


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