Misunderstandings between advertising research men and creative men

Date of publication: June 15, 1965


Satisfactory results that are obtained from good cooperation between advertising researchers and creative men are only possible if there are really congenial partners on either side who respect each other both professionally and personally. It is management's duty to select the right people for the right position. The development in industry automatically involves an increased risk in making investments in the market. We owe a very high degree of responsibility to those who entrust their money to our ideas. We are fully aware of this fact. And this is why we expect our ideas to be reasonably guided and that everything possible will be done to obtain a maximum degree of safety. But to guide ideas does not mean to put a brake to them. And there is no such thing as absolute safety. He who would be able to offer safety that is absolute would have deserved to handle all the advertising accounts in the world.

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