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Research papers

New product launches

This presentation provides a compelling case study of how a client company, faced with the significant challenge of taking a business product to the consumer sector, used market research as a critical tool to build a business case and guide a product...

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2005
Authors: Marian Sudbury, Shizuka Pye
Companies: Mars Wrigley, Harris Interactive (Europe)
November 15, 2005

Research papers

Product launch decision testing and demand forecasting using virtual store shelves

Along with customer probes, simulated shelf testing is a method of launch decision testing for new products. It is an excellent method from the standpoint of measuring the relative power of a new product vis-a-vis competing products, and its...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2004
Author: Ayumi Higaki
March 28, 2004

Research papers

360° insight for new brand development

Traditional research rarely fuels the creative brand development process. At its best it evaluates and optimises. At its worst it kills ideas. This presentation describes how fresh sources of insight can help generate the 'big idea' for a new brand...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Worldwide Qualitative Research Conference 2003
Author: Ben Wood
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
November 5, 2003


Revue Française du Marketing 2001 (N. 182)

95 % d'échec, 5 lancements sur 100 réellementréussis. Tel est le verdict de la dernière étude publiéesur le taux de succès des produits nouveaux enGrande Consommation. Et pourtant, ce n'est pasfaute de moyens pour les 20 000...

Catalogue: ADETEM: Revue Française du Marketing
Author: ADETEM
Company: ADETEM
February 1, 2001

Research papers

The impact of consumers' commitment to existing brands on new product launch strategies

Traditional new product tests focus more on consumers' responses to the new product than on their commitment to existing brands. This is one reason why many traditional methods have had to contend with varying degrees of over-claim. This paper has...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1999: The Race For Innovation
Authors: John Rice, Jan Hofmeyr
September 1, 1999

Case studies

Of course I'm concerned, but...

This case study gives an example of how market research can be used as an integral part of the development of a marketing programme to explore and enter markets in which there is no prior knowledge or expertise. The same research techniques across...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1996: Changing Business Dynamics
Author: Julia Gartside
September 1, 1996

Research papers

Pay television

This paper presents an overview of Pay Television in Latin America, considering the different transmission modalities: cable, MMDS, DBS and DTK. It will be shown that Pay Television is quite under-developed in the continent, whereas broadcast...

Catalogue: ARF/ESOMAR Worldwide Electronic And Broadcast Audience Research Symposium 1996
Authors: Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade, Flávio Ferrari
Company: IBOPE Inteligencia
June 15, 1996

Research papers

Mobile telephone

The paper outlines one of the major programmes of market research conducted by Mercury One 2 One prior to the launch of its mobile telephone service in the United Kingdom. It describes some of the research techniques and procedures used in the...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: Telecommunications In A Dynamic Market Place
Authors: Pauline Knox, Barrie Parker
June 15, 1996

Research papers

Vision and research

The subject of this contribution is the succesful market-launch of the news-magazine FOCUS in Germany in 1993. We shall begin by examining the genesis of the magazine: from the original conceptual vision to the point of its realisation. Central to...

Catalogue: Seminar 1995: Strategic Publishing And Advertising Accountability
Authors: Ulf-Dieter Filipp, Petra Maria Nippa
November 1, 1995