Vision and research

Date of publication: November 1, 1995


The subject of this contribution is the succesful market-launch of the news-magazine FOCUS in Germany in 1993. We shall begin by examining the genesis of the magazine: from the original conceptual vision to the point of its realisation. Central to the contribution is the accompanying market research. This was conducted by renowned market-research institutes, which examined, from differing perspectives, the consumer, the reader, and the market. Infratest, Munich, conducted advance studies among potential readers, a point of sale survey on the first day of issue as well as follow- up surveys among readers. Media Market Analysis delivered the first range and structure data. Sinus, Heidelberg, examined the milieu-membership of subscribers. The Sample Institute, Mdlln, appraised the readers, catalogued their personality traits, identified types and created attitude constellations. The Institute for Opinion Research, Allensbach, conducted copy-tests. The Institute for Communication Research at the University of Munich analyzed the content of FOCUS and DER SPIEGEL. Several quotes taken from newspaper articles document the reaction in other countries to the introduction of FOCUS in Germany. The present situation, which boasts an attractive readership, rising circulation figures and successful advertising business, will also be discussed briefly. To end with, the prospects for future developments of FOCUS will be sketched; developments, with FOCUS TV and FOCUS on-line, in the direction of a comprehensive communications offering.

Ulf-Dieter Filipp


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Petra Maria Nippa


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Research Papers

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