A new way of predicting design acceptance (German)

Date of publication: September 1, 1987


Author: Wulf Schlund


The design orientation is defined by the psychological importance which the particular product has for the consumer as well as by individual style preferences. This way you get types whose design preferences are specific enough to differentiate between concrete new designs. The correlation to concrete products and life-styles is, apart from the usual statistical criteria, decisive for the choice of the best cluster solution from the beginning. This method has been used in several product fields with sample sizes of 500 to 1000 respondents. The novelty of the acceptance results which are achieved with this method is the possibility of dividing design products not only into accepted and not accepted ones, but also into such with wider and such with special acceptance. Such with special acceptance are at the beginning only accepted by certain types, which, without a typology, one would never have discovered. Exactly these products, however, have an often interesting potential and the chance to reach, after a while, other consumer circles.

Wulf Schlund


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