How operational research can be used in deciding which models of a product are to be made

Date of publication: June 15, 1959

Author: Raoul Laffy


When the A.O.I.P. acquired the Beyraud patents concerning a starter for electric motors based on an entirely new principle, the problem arose of choosing between the different models of this equipment. For this choice, we have had recourse to a method which makes use of operational research. This method is in general use, but I believe it is desirable to explain it in relation to this product so as to put it into more concrete form. To postulate the problem more precisely, we should state that a starter for an electric motor is an apparatus which enables the motor to be "set going at speed" in a proper manner. However, its characteristics vary in close agreement with the power and frequency of the starting of the motor. At the' present time quite a considerable number, of models of starters are manufactured by some ten constructors of electro-mechanical equipment. Most of these starters consist of a metallic resistance progressively eliminated, either by hand or 'automatically. The demand for them is being fully met. Our purpose, therefore, was to select these models so as to meet all requirements, while keeping the cost of production to a minimum.

Raoul Laffy


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