Mobile trend (Portuguese)

Date of publication: April 9, 2019

Catalogue: Latin America 2019

Company: Netquest


In Brazil, there is more than one smartphone per inhabitant and through these devices technology has become part of daily routines, meeting the population's expectations to stay connected at all times and anywhere. In view of that, Croma has developed Mobile Trend: a valuable tool that, through a continuous tracking panel, investigates users' habits and behaviours, carrier attractiveness, device evaluation and purchase decision attributes, as well as drivers delivered as a decision ranking tree, in order to aid and orient mobile segment enterprises in their portfolio construction. This is supported by recent and relevant information that leads to the understanding of the Brazilian consumer's preferences, behaviour and trends. In a nutshell, Mobile Trend is a panel that enables fundamental decision- making based on a consumer-centric approach. The questionnaire was designed to focus on the habits of users. The goal of the research is not only to monitor the ownership of a particular brand or model, but also the solutions to needs users are seeking when choosing the devices they have. At first, the online questionnaire was applied to analyze the declared general habits and for the next waves, the real accesses will be measured in order to allow for a better detailing of the usage. The behavioural and geolocation learnings are being analyzed and will be shown at 2019 ESOMAR Congress.

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