A new magazine creates a new wave to a long established market (Italian)

Date of publication: November 23, 1983

Author: Knut Kaavik


The magazine "Se og Hor" was started in September 1978. At that time, about 2,2 million magazines were sold every week in Norway, in a community counting a total of 4 million people. The magazine was accorded a probation time of 6 months to reach a break even of about 85.000 copies a week. 100.000 copies. From the beginning, the circulation was about 100.000. Today the circulation is 220.000 copies - and "Se og Hpr" is with that the fourth biggest magazine in Norway and has occasionally been number three. The motto of the magazine is: "Se og Hor makes life happier". The contents might be compared with a mix of the American "People", the German "Hor Zu" and the Danish "Billedbladet". The total turnover in 1983 was about 10 million dollars, 80% of the income referring to the sale of the magazine, 20% to advertising sales. The increase of circulation is quite unique in the Norwegian press.

Knut Kaavik


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