A place of one's own

Date of publication: August 1, 1975


Housing Associations had recourse only to Local Authorities or private financial institutions for capital, and in times of economic restraint this was not always forthcoming. To stimulate Housing Associations the Housing Corporation was set up with funds to the tune of £100m to sponsor, advise and lend money to the Associations which has made their funding much easier. Keeping an eye to future developments in housing and housing needs is the Housing Development Division of the Department of the Environment - the central Government Ministry responsible for national housing policy. This unit is a team of architects, sociologists, quantity surveyors and administrators working where necessary in conjunction with other specialists. It is concerned with all aspects of housing development, seeking to promote higher standards. It studies the activities and aspirations of people in relation to dwellings and by studying the process of builder as well contributes to policy and its execution and seeks to improve the standard of design, components, services and equipment. One way the Division operates is by carrying out building projects for Local Authorities in which its architects would be commissioned and paid fees in accordance with the national scale of the profession.

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