Ads that click

Date of publication: February 1, 2004

Company: Ipsos MRBI

Author: Indivar Kushari


Advertising pre-testing is the process where the potential of an ad is determined in terms of its ability to reach its intended target audience with a brand-recognized message and garner the appropriate response (short term persuasion and/or building long term equity - lasting positive impression). Online pre-testing, as the name suggests, is the method of testing advertisement using the Internet as the medium of research. Online pre-testing is still a small part of all pre-testing research, and though it will not likely ever completely replace offline pre-testing, it is likely to become a significant method of pre-testing ads in the future. The focus of this paper is on two aspects related to online pre-testing: the reasons why online pre-testing is becoming more popular; and important considerations before getting into online pre-testing.

Indivar Kushari


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