Applications of operations research to the optimal determination of advertising budgets

Date of publication: June 15, 1964


If we consider O.R. is becoming, day by day, a more and more important subject in advertising magazines and congresses, we can say that the interest in this discipline is spreading successfully also among advertising people. For this reason O.R. projects concerning advertising problems are so.frequently produced, that it is difficult to get a complete documentation which would allow to set these projects in a general picture. Undoubtedly, however, no definitive statement can be made as far as this matter is concerned. Therefore, even if in this paper there are some information gaps, we think it is worthwhile looking at the matter from a general point of view in order to discover both advantages and limits, according to the projects produced up to now, and to point out the most promising ways of developing a profitable use of O.R. models in the advertising field. First of all, we can divide these models into two orders: - models concerned with advertising strategy; - models concerned with the optimal determination of the advertising budget. In the last case - which this paper is essentially referred to.

Gilberto Valentini


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