Are senior people the same across Europe? The approach of an international magazine

Date of publication: June 15, 1991

Author: Hubert Chicou


The question posed is the backdrop of the international development of a magazine for senior people : Notre Temps. In view of the exceptional success of this magazine in France, we decided to adapt this concept in Europe and over the North American continent. We felt that the senior people in those different countries wished to read a magazine like Notre Temps because they were themselves - whatever their nationalities- close to it. We started to launch a title in Belgium in 1988 and today in 1991 we have seven titles : one in France, two in Belgium for the French and for the Dutch speaking communities, one in the Netherlands, two in England and one in Italy. We are presently testing a magazine in Spain and making some research in Germany. Moreover, we have two senior titles in Canada. On the whole, it represents a base of 1.8 million regular buyers in Europe including 85 % subscribers. The statistical base seems sufficient to us to answer the question : Are senior people the same across Europe?

Hubert Chicou


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