Brain systems and brand experiences

Date of publication: May 14, 2018


The consumer decision environment is changing both in macro and micro. The rhythm of these changes is incredibly fast, both in social and technological aspects and affect the way people interact, communicate and buy brands. From human understanding perspective: Daniel Kahneman suggested that the way we make decisions is through one of two brain systems: Fast and intuitive - system 1 and Slow and reflective - system 2. Daniel Kahneman states "We think less than we think we think", but we believe that for several activities we still need to activate our system 2, more reflective, on the decisions we make. We are not binary: we still need to ask questions to unveil how consumers feel and what they believe. We need to ask questions to understand how consumers are likely to behave. From the research industry perspective it changes the way we investigate and seek to unveil what is behind people ? decisions, it changes the way we do research. To develop this paper, we will follow with 3 data capturing modules, by focusing the lens on the confectionary chocolate industry. To do so, we count on FERRERO ?s participation to bring the perspective on how clients are applying research insights to transform decision making on the business environment.

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