Brand building in the new frontier

Date of publication: May 1, 2001

Catalogue: Latin America 2001


Streaming Media is the generic name for software solutions that allow the delivery of audio and video content over the Web. An exciting new online advertising medium involves using Streaming Media to present videostyle advertisements to Internet users. Many reviews of online advertising effectiveness suggest it fails to build brands, yet few commentators offer substantive evidence to support this position. In March 1999, Millward Brown Interactive conducted the first Streaming Media test on behalf of RealNetworks and their client The results showed a very strong, statistically significant increase in ad awareness and brand awareness. Further, endorsement of seven out of ten image attributes increased significantly. Since this first test, other Streaming Media ads have been tested with similar results. This paper reviews evidence from online survey research results demonstrating that Streaming Media ads can have a brand building effect. On average, Streaming Media appears to be five times more effective than the traditional Ad Banner, and qualitative comparisons suggest that it is at least as impactful as TV advertising.

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