Business and the arts

Date of publication: June 15, 1990

Author: Sybil C. Simon


Philanthropy is deeply rooted in the American corporate culture? corporate support for the arts is a relatively new phenomenon. The charitable aspects of corporate contributions are fundamentally a reflection of corporate citizenship and corporate responsibility; hence they have little relationship to the company's business. Unlike most recipients of corporate largess, the arts present many opportunities to combine good deeds with good public relations. The success of partnerships between business and the arts is dependent on the creativity, good will, and imagination of each partner. When one comes to negotiations with little understanding of the other, the results will not be satisfactory to either. When there is a meeting of the minds, the results can far outweigh the investment of time, effort and money. The collaboration of business and the arts provide the potential for extraordinary communications for each partner. Its possibilities are only now being explored.

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