Changes in corporate market requirements (French)

Date of publication: February 1, 1985

Author: Patrick Horlait


Companies and banks are confronted with the same problem of an uncertain economic environment. This presents both with a challenge. Banks first learned from past experience and imposed new guidelines for their assets and liabilities management. Most banks abandoned blind quantitative growth as it was no longer possible to be all things to all men, to quote Bank of America's slogan of the 1970s. This is even more important at the present time, which is characterised by despecialisation and greater intellectual resources both on the part of companies and the most imaginative financial intermediaries. Is it not true that many major companies financial directors are former bankers? There is only one solution : develop closer links with the customer. Listen to him more, understand him better and look for the best possible solution to his problem. This is the only guarantee of satisfactory profitability. Our business is changing and changing fast.

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