Creating a sustainable future by means of a global sustainability brand

Date of publication: May 11, 2004


Something significant is being overlooked in the sustainability agenda, hindering the evolution/adoption of sustainability. The central message and real world implications can be applied in business today as the lack of adoption of sustainability practices is a problem for environmental, social and business performance. These issues of the Earth Summit have shown minimal progress from Rio to Johannesburg. Identifying the missing links needed to advance sustainability will kick-start the process, enabling the evolution and acceleration of the worldwide sustainability movement. This will be realized by engaging and empowering the community to facilitate the support and acceptance of emerging industries such as renewables, as well as actualising what real corporate citizenship means by influencing corporations and government to act sustainably, and as good corporate citizens. Societal Marketing with a strategic integrated marketing communications campaign supported by behavioural change tools and underpinned by the global sustainability brand is needed. The global brand will engage all parts of society including the community and business by leveraging the power of the brand association.

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