Creating brand and business transformation

Date of publication: September 8, 2019


In 2008 in Great Britain, Gordon's Distilled Gin, the largest gin brand, was facing a yearly decline circa -32%. Today, it is growing at an amazing rate of +74%, which is faster than any other big, international gin brand. Turning around a long-term decline never happens by chance. We will demonstrate how applying four specific principles delivered this incredible commercial impact:

1. Insightful consumer and category understanding;

2. Crystal clear and concise strategy based on these insights;

3. Inspiringly simple marketing principles that are easy to apply across markets;

4. The leadership behaviours that galvanize the business to see future opportunities and stop being constrained by the past.

This paper brings to life the consumer understanding, the strategic clarity, the inspiringly simple marketing principles and the leadership behaviours that made Gordon's transformation possible.

Sally Smallman


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Emiliana Vidali


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