Customer-centricity post-pandemic

Date of publication: September 17, 2020

Company: Kantar

Author: J. Walker Smith


In the groundbreaking Insights 2020 initiative, Kantar led a consortium which included LinkedIn, Wharton, ESOMAR and many others, and laid the foundation for understanding the importance of customer-centricity and the role of insights organizations in championing the customer in business planning and marketing strategy. Kantar is now updating this pioneering work, the first phase of which is focused on what the coronavirus disruption has meant for insights and customer-centricity. Based on the findings from one-on-one depth interviews with global insights and senior business leaders as well as the Kantar Compass survey of business impacts from the pandemic, this presentation will outline how the customer focus has been affected by the pandemic and what insights functions must do now to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic marketplace.

J. Walker Smith


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