Data synergy


Phones, tablets, phablets, Google glass and passive measurement technologies produce an immense amount of data from geo-location to in-the-moment information exchange, representing potential research gold. While vast in amount, in and of itself, mobile data is not necessarily Big Data, as it can be sorted, ordered and interpreted with our current data processes. However, when mobile data is added to other data sources we start to see the potential for “Big Data” opportunities. Think geo-location data added to loyalty card information with a sprinkling of social media tracking….the results and insights could be amazing… but how can it be done? It is clear that the data coming from mobile will be a game changer that will present fantastic opportunities as well as challenges for the industry. However, the real holy grail is the combining of data sets both across mobile platforms as well as with other non-mobile information. What type of data comes from the mobile environment? How is it collected and is it different to other data? Can mobile and non-mobile data be integrated, and if so, how? What does this mean for individual privacy? This one-day emerging techniques seminar will look at the latest thinking and experiences in the practical application of linking mobile data to other data to produce truly big data. It will explore how companies are adapting their methods, how clients are re-interpreting their consumers needs and wants and what this means for the ethics, standards and guidelines of the industry.

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