Depression research in European society

Date of publication: June 15, 1997


In order to meet these needs the market research ed achievement of the following objectives: o estimate the prevalence of depression, diagnosed by a doctor or undiagnosed, in the community across the major European markets; o assess the impact of depression on the lives of sufferers and how they obtain relief, if at all; o assess the impact of depression on public health and the economic burden on society; o determine the extent to which sufferers consult healthcare professionals about their symptoms; o measure the extent to which physicians prescribe drug therapy once they have been consulted by a patient, and the degree to which this could be considered to be appropriate and adequate; o understand patients’ expectations of their general practitioners and other healthcare professionals, and their levels of satisfaction with treatment; or investigate specific drag therapies, primarily TCAs and SSRIs, in terms of personal expectations, preferences and outcomes; o regarding different drag regimes, to measure different levels of efficacy, tolerability and compliance; o to identify different patient types and describe the way that these types differ according to the parameters already described

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