Date of publication: June 15, 2015


ESIKA, the leading brand in DS (Direct Selling) in several countries in LA and the largest of Belcorp´s brands, has been facing a more aggressive competitive environment in the past two years due to: 1) a proliferation of beauty brands in DS, and 2) the fast expansion of Retail in LA with a better shopping experience. In this context, Belcorp needs ESIKA to win amongst their consumers through a differentiated and relevant value proposition, and a more enticing buying and user experience. Research companies offered partial solutions to monitor performance of each of the catalog roles, but never as a whole. INVERA established the goal of developing a methodology to achieve this integrated vision requested by Belcorp: to understand how an entire catalog worked from the more functional-rational side to the more emotional side with visibility and emotional indicators. From this challenge, Detector was developed to help Belcorp monitor key variables which provide a holistic understanding of the catalog performance.

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