Development in farm panel research in Europe

Date of publication: June 15, 1985


FARMSTAT International represents a group of companies operating a continuous farm panel audit of the use of seeds, fertilisers and agrochemicals. In 1984 surveys were already established in U.K., Germany, Holland, Denmark and Sweden and in 1985 more countries will come on stream. This paper examines four techniques using case studies which exploit the basic characteristics of the FARMSTAT system: 1. Brand loyalty - an examination of behaviour of brand purchasing from one year to the next for fungicides; 2. Field treatment variation - a review of differential behaviour on the same farms; 3. Agrochemical use in relation to crop history on the farm reviewing the difference between new and established growers; 4. Crop economics - using the benefit of the FARMSTAT field recording system measuring inputs and yield it is possible to investigate input/output relationships in economic terms.

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