Digital moms

Date of publication: October 24, 2008

Catalogue: Panel Research 2008


Online panels provide researchers with a range of tools for obtaining customer feedback in a time-sensitive and economical manner. The success of the panel comes, in large part, from the commitment of the client and supplier team to closely monitor the panel, respect panel members, constantly improve the website to keep members engaged, and be responsive to business needs. To illustrate a panel's key benefits of timeliness, affordability, and actionability, we will describe in the Business Needs session a case study from the dual perspective of client and supplier. Owned by The Parenting Group (a division of Bonnier Corporation) and managed by RSG Inc., MomConnection is a thriving panel community of over 5,000 mothers and soon-to-be-mothers of young children. We will show how The Parenting Group has successfully leveraged MomConnection to support editorial planning and add value to its advertising programs. Now in its sixth year, the panel reflects rich data from more than 200 surveys and enables quick-turnaround yet advanced research capabilities such as ad/concept testing, product testing, and brand positioning.

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