Don't take action based on this paper

Date of publication: September 15, 2010


What's UP? Ever thought about UP; Why you speak up in meetings when a hot topic comes UP but at other times you shut UP, make up excuses, so as not to stir UP trouble? And is your communication more like researchers walk into a bar... or rather like. It was a dark and stormy night? Do you sometimes find advertising memorable, but not the brand name? Ever wonder why we remember the faces of students in our school book but not their names? Words, images, metaphors, stories, emotions... communication is a many splendored, and confusing thing. Is it true that we only use 10% of our brain? No, it isn't. But how we use it might surprise you. And how you can use this knowledge to revolutionize your communication might inspire you. That is because our brain... sorry, this is only a teaser! Can you not read this paper? It is UP to you.

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