Effective communication in a crowded television environment

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Author: Robert Warrens


My purpose here this morning is to present a picture of the emerging worldwide television environment and the implications that has for communications, media planning and research. Not long ago, on April 22 (Earth Day), the world’s scientists met in Brazil to ponder global environmental issues. What they concluded was that we are contaminating the planet at a lethal rate and corrective action needs to be taken. In the same vein but in a less lethal sense, the world's television environment is rapidly becoming more contaminated with more viewing options ... contaminated with more commercialization (clutter)... and contaminated with a whole lot of complexity. Those of us here this week know all too well that all over the world, today’s viewing environments are changing. What we know as the medium of television is changing. 6 Countries are experiencing the proliferation of commercial and private channels, and the introduction of cable, pay cable and satellite TV. e What’s more, viewers are rapidly accepting of changing technology. They are welcoming remote tuning devices and videocassette recorders into their homes, and are devouring the increasing channel options. These hardware/software innovations change (have changed) the way people watch television and make advertising communication, media planning and audience research more complex than ever before.

Robert Warrens


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