Effectiveness of radio advertising

Date of publication: June 15, 1992


The effectiveness of an advertising message depends as much on its intrinsic virtues - especially the creative work behind it - , as it does on the context in which it appears. This is why in the print media, the impact of an advertisement can drop by almost 50 % according to the publication’s Reading Mood 1 - In radio advertising, the ongoing trend is to saturate certain stations while taking little or no account of the programs they broadcast, and to use indifferently general entertainment (Europe 1 RTL, etc.) and music stations (NRJ, Skyrock, etc.) despite the significant differences between the two. Our intention is to show that : - radio has its own listening moods related to both the station and the program being broadcast, and even to the time of broadcast, - and that these listening moods have a very significant influence on the perception of radio messages.

François Laurent


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