El paso de la Habana (Portuguese)

Date of publication: April 8, 2019

Catalogue: Latin America 2019


We portrayed Roni, a young musician and dancer in Havana: his family daily routine, his presentations in the streets and his admiration and compulsion to fashion and buying clothes, shoes, cosmetics. We discovered that this kind of consumerism does exist in Havana: they already have the offer of shoes, clothes and gadgets to buy (even they are not original but copies made in China), but there is a huge gap in that: they still have the same (ver short) incoming and barely can afford buying food, so they have to find a particular way to buy and have what they want and desire. Roni, sings, dances and sell CDs to tourists to make a better incoming and in his head and dreams he is a worldwide superstar that aims to record a videoclip in Colombia. Nowadays he has a Facebook and Instagram profile and I still accompany and analyze his posts and fashion looks and his digital influencer acting.

Laura Galecki Andrade


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