Faites vos jeux... Casino De La Vallee- Saint Vincent

Date of publication: September 1, 1993


This paper presents in a certain elements of the story of the development of the marketing plan of the leading European casino. It first describes the crisis which led casino management to discover the need for a marketing approach to business, and to call in a strategic consulting firm which, in turn, immediately requested the professional assistance of a market research company. It then outlines the analytical process employed to understand the profile of gamblers, their changing needs, their attitudes, and their spending potential. It details the particular market research techniques used to penetrate the secretive, guilt and anxiety - filled world of gamblers. Additionally, it describes how the market research data were key to the development of a marketing plan which moves the casino light years away from Doestoevsky's -1 compulsive gambler, Roulettburg, and much closer to a theme park. Finally, it outlines the implementing plan, its expected results, and lessons learnt from an experience of cooperation between management, strategic consultants, and market research experts.

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