From the dusted drawer to the top of the pile

Date of publication: September 5, 2017


The main objective of this study is to determine the status quo of sharing market research results by both the agency and company/client, and to explore new ways of sharing these results for a high impact and forward integration. In this study we shine a light on two areas: 1. On one hand we want to map current processes and characteristics of insight sharing by market research agencies and by corporate researchers within their company. What do current deliverables by agencies look like and how efficient, relevant and impactful are they? Once a market research study is completed, how are outcomes shared within a company? Which bottlenecks exist in this process? Based on the above we explore new ways of sharing results and learnings of market research studies so that they leave a (bigger) footprint and trigger (more) relevant actions in a company; 2. On the other hand we rethink how agencies and corporate researchers collaborate on market research studies; our belief is that the nature of the interaction has a great impact on the final outcome of a project and that the potential of synergy effects has not been fully unlocked.

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