Global cities forum

Date of publication: September 15, 2008

Company: Ipsos MRBI


Global cities resonates with the Frontiers theme of this congress in three ways: • We look at methodological frontiers by exploring the potential for using deliberative research techniques internationally. while much has been said about what deliberative research can offer at national and local level, this paper explores the value of deliberation in cross-national comparative research, and the new methodological challenges this poses; • The findings push social frontiers by examining what people living in cities across the world expect from government and what they think the roles of government, business, nonprofits and citizens in society should be; • Finally, we reflect on frontiers in business. one aim of global cities was to help demonstrate to both existing and new government and public sector clients that Accenture has a real understanding of what citizens think; in a nutshell, that the company understands “our clients’ clients”. the paper offers emerging insights on the impact the study is having on Accenture’s business globally and how this can be maximised in future.

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